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Prebath care for Massage

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Prebath care for Massage

Bathing is an enjoyable time-shared by you and your baby. During the first six weeks there is no necessity for baby bathing every day. You can use a soft washcloth or cotton wool along with some warm water. You can do this type of baby bathing to clean up the baby until the baby’s umbilical cord drops off.
It is very good for the baby’s health if you massage him with any baby oil before baby bathing. This massage will help the babies in getting your undivided attention. It will also increase the baby’s food absorption. It will also aid the baby in sleeping better, build immunity and develop muscle tone as well as coordination.
Some of the tips, which will be of great help to you during baby bathing, are given below. Have a look to know more: Until your baby’s navel has healed, go for sponge baths. This means cleaning only the parts of your baby that really need attention like hands, face, neck as well as diaper area.

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Do not take the risk of leaving the baby alone in the bathtub for even few seconds. Thus make sure that you have all the required things in front of you before baby bathing. Test the water with your elbow before bathing the baby. The water should be warm and not hot. Too much of hot water will harm the soft and delicate skin of the child. You can also use bathtub, which will make baby bathing easier for you.

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Some of the things you will require while baby bathing include towel (two preferably – one for the head and the other for the body), Cotton balls as well as oils for massaging the baby. You can also use homemade mixture of milk and turmeric in place of oils. Other than this, baby soap and foam pad or rubber mat is also required for baby bathing
Some of the things that you should keep in mind while you engage yourself in baby bathing are giving below. Have a look to know more:

Baby Massage

Baby Massage helps in emotional bonding with your child. Baby massage can calm down the baby easily; improve sleep patterns as well as help in digestion. This is a wonderful technique for dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents as well as other caregivers to share special time with the new addition to the family. Baby massage also helps the child to bond well with other members. The child will also start recognizing them. which can cause problems for you and your baby. You will receive specific education on how to care for yourself if you develop gestational diabetes. It is very important to follow the diet, exercise and blood sugar monitoring plans given to you.
Preparation for baby massage is very important. You should take care of different things when you decide to massage your baby. Timing is an important part of baby massage. Choose a time when you are free and not interrupted by any one. The baby should not be in full or empty stomach when you are massaging.
Both you and the baby should be in comfortable position. You can also take the baby in your lap and go for baby massage. You can talk or sing to your baby or play a soothing music in the background. Natural oils are the best for baby massage. You can use almond oil or a fresh bottle of vegetable oil scented with a drop of fragrance of lemon, vanilla or lavender.
Baby massage increases blood circulation in the body of the baby. There are some tips on massaging technique for babies. If you follow this, you can give your baby a wonderful massage.