Antenatal Classes

» » What are antenatal or prenatal classes?
Antenatal or prenatal classes may come in various forms, but all have the same aim - to help prepare you for labour, birth, and early parenthood. Your doctor may be able to recommend a class or your hospital may offer them as part of the pregnancy care package.
arw What happens to you and your baby during labour and birth
arw Coping with labour and information about pain relief
arw Exercises to keep you fit during pregnancy and to help during labour
arw Preparing for life with a new baby
arw Caring for a newborn, including feeding
arw Your own health in pregnancy and after the birth
arw Relaxation
arw Emotions surrounding pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period
arw 'Refresher' classes for those who've already had a baby

» » Why go to antenatal or prenatal classes?
Antenatal classes not only help you focus on your pregnancy and forthcoming labour and birth, but they also have a great social function - they're a great place to meet other parents-to-be.
Your antenatal teacher can help you think about labour and birth and becoming a parent, and give you time to ask questions that you may not have at a busy doctor's appointment.

» » What topics do prenatal classes cover?
arw Antenatal or prenatal classes generally cover topics such as:
arw Looking after yourself in pregnancy, including suggestions about good nutrition preparation of healthy foods and what not to eat.
arw Emotional and physical changes you might experience during pregnancy.
arw Care of your back.
arw Exercise (including pelvic floor exercises).
arw Practice of various breathing techniques for managing pain in labour.
arw Options available for a pain-free delivery.
arwRelaxation techniques.
arw Prenatal yoga and asanas for maintaining flexibility and stamina.
arw Traditional remedies to handle common problems associated with pregnancy such as nausea, back pain, etc.
arw Talking about the various antenatal screening tests.
arw Preparing for labour and the birth.
arw Using music and reading to bond with your unborn baby.
arw Maintaining good communication between you and your spouse throughout pregnancy.
arw Interactive discussions on preparing mind and body for pregnancy and beyond.
arw Learning the art of a proper massage for you and your baby.
arw Learning how to change nappies and swaddle your baby.
Breastfeeding and its benefits.

» » Should my husband accompany me to prenatal classes?
These days it is common practice for some classes to be open to couples. For many men, these classes offer a specific time to focus on the pregnancy, which can make the process of becoming a dad more real for them. It's also a good opportunity to meet other fathers-to-be.

» » When should I book my prenatal classes?
It's a good move to book your antenatal classes early, especially if you are planning to work for as long as possible. Your doctor will be able to provide more details, so do remember to ask during your doctor appointments.

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"my painless delivery was conducted by Dr Harpreet kaur by epidural , it was a wonderful experience as I was expecting severe pain & wht I got was a cute baby born absolutely painless that too 3.8 kgs ! 
Also my recovery was faster ..
Mrs suman , siligudi ."

" I was very tensed & fearing the pain of delivering my baby , then I was offered painless delivery option by Dr Harpreet kaur . As my labor pains started I ws given that inj by an anesthesia doctor n after dat it ws vry cmfrtabl and painless ..I got a taste of how severe the pain could had been whn during shifting the inj got disconnected for a min ..
Thanks to Dr Harpreet kaur & her team I was able to deliver painlessly ! 
Mrs jyoti tanwar , ghaziabad , Delhi ncr "

" We had been married for 5 years but couldnt conceive , we consulted many doctors in Delhi & Mumbai ..and were planning for IVF , test tube baby .
Then we consulted Dr Harpreet kaur , she suggested some more investigations and then put both of us on medicines , I conceived ..n m a happy mother now ..
Thank you Dr Harpreet kaur .
Mrs kajal Sharma , Mumbai "

" we were desperate for a child even after 6 years of marriage ..had shown to many doctors , finally after we consulted Dr Harpreet kaur at Delhi ..after some months , my wife was pregnant & v r a happy family now .
Mrs & Mr shekhar Verma , Delhi ncr "

" my wife finally conceived & delivered under treatment of Dr Harpreet kaur. Thanks to her .
Mr Deepak ,marketing manager , rg hospitals , Delhi ncr "

"I was suffering from severe menstrual bleeding & pain for almost an year due to multiple large fibroids in my uterus .. I was taking medicines for many months but no benefit , was advised hysterectomy , but was afraid of large cut & pain n delayed recovery ..
Whn we consulted Dr Harpreet kaur she suggested laparoscopic surgery , n told that only small holes will be made n my uterus will be taken out through those small holes in pieces ..
I underwent surgery , & was discharged in 2 days and was back to normal work in a week ! 
Thanks to Dr  Harpreet & laparoscopic surgery otherwise I would never had got operated ..
Mrs meena , faridabad , Delhi ncr "

" I was diagnosed with my tubes blocked ,and was advised. Tubal recannulation surgery by open. .
Someone suggested me Dr Harpreet kaur , she explained & offered me hysteroscopic tubal cannulation without any cut ! 
Procedure was done in morning & I was discharged in the evening ! 
Now I have high chances of conception ..
Thanks Dr Harpreet kaur & team .
Mrs sunita , Delhi ncr "

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